Augmented Insights

We are data collection, analysis and machine learning consultants.
We turn data into knowledge.

We Transform Data Into Knowledge

Data is R&D and Marketings #1 asset. We help our partners transform their data into scalable knowledge that is leveraged across the organization. By transforming data into knowledge graphs we can unlock conceptual and predictive search, dynamic chat and voice interfaces, contextual graph exploration and white space identification.
Our flagship knowledge graph, Kiwi Metrics, was developed over the last year and for R&D professionals looking to innovate using contextual market data, white space identification and market fit simulations.
Culinary Knowledge Graph
The value we provide
We are a partner that offers only the best of what we love and do best. We act as an extension of your team to augment your people and process focused in three primary areas.
Knowledge graphs make everyone in your company a product data expert with instant role based data access for R&D, Marketing, Sales and Manufacturing.
Build Data Expertise
Competitive Edge
Gain a competitive edge through an expert contextual understanding of your data and connect that data to external data sources.
Effective Decision Making
Make better decisions through data-driven insights with the most up to date and comprehensive suite of graph based machine learning models.
Our culinary knowledge graph enables
Assess what manufacturers are producing similar recipes to unlock innovation opportunities from the shelf, category, portfolio, or marketplace.
Kiwi Metrics culinary knowledge graph is the ultimate product development tool. It gives R&D deep insight into their portfolio and category by using machine learning.
New Product Development
Competitive product match
Real time market fit simulations
Get detailed visibility into your products and understand if they're positioned for success or risk losing share to competing products.